(2) Things are coming along! Three more releases since my last post, and a newsletter update.

Hey! If you’re reading this, thanks for checking out my work. I’m absolutely loving this.

Since my last post, and after releasing my first gay erotica short, Exposure Compensation, I’ve learned quite a bit about the business. What you, the reader, are looking for to get your rocks off, but also what I enjoy writing, too, and how far I can push publishing until it can’t take it anymore.

I feel like I’ve settled in a good place, so far.

I’ve released three shorts in the past week and a half, all with different kinks, but all involving hot, sweaty macho men. My goal when I went into publishing gay fiction was to make it as hypermasculine as possible. I spice up my stories with some romance, but I’m leaving the heavy romance for future writing endeavors. Right now, I’m all in on raunchy gay sex.

Progressive Overload, my second story, is about a young college virgin who decides to beef up at the gym in order to win a man after years of rejection from guys his type. He almost injures himself from a rookie mistake when a mega masculine personal trainer comes to his aid. They flirt and agree to meet later for a training session… of sorts.

Rough House, my third, is an alpha stepdad/stepson wrestling short about a new man, just turned 18, who’s ordered by his stepfather, an ex-military man and superjock, to bond with him through wrestling. Thinking something is up with how they exchange looks, he accepts… but little does he know, the wrestling involves a lot of oil and daddy dick!

My Nasty Jock, my fourth (just published this morning!), is another college virgin story about a pent-up college boy who lives with his muscular jock best friend, Nathan. Turned on by his post-game smell, our Horndog sneaks into his room, looking for his object of desire: his nasty, dirty jockstrap. Getting down with it, he’s caught by Nathan. They exchange words and touch, and after that, what he thought was going to be a massive heartache turns into a sexy romp with his favorite jock… and jockstrap!


As for the newsletter, I figured out how to start setting it up. Expect it by the end of this week, if not sooner. After it’s done, I’ve met all my initial goals as an author in half the time I thought it would take. I love setting low bars and exceeding expectations.

As always, you can follow me on Twitter @thenoelwolfe! My FIFTH story will be published either today or tomorrow. Keep your eyes peeled on Twitter for that.

Love you,


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